What is Luxreum?

Luxreum aims to create the world’s first FinCEN, E-Money, KYC, AML & CTF compliant global marketplace for premium top-of-the-line products and services with cryptocurrency affluents as it’s major target group. It will develop an online global marketplace for b2b and b2c consumers to include: vehicle industries (automobiles, light trucks, and powersports), recreational products, home & business products, aviation, marine industry, financial & insurance products, and concierge services.

The marketplace will utilize blockchain along with other existing technologies to create a secure, advanced, and user-friendly platform. Luxreum will offer its patent-pending escrow system (powered by smart contracts) and universal cryptocurrency exchanger through digital APIs. Its global marketplace will accept all the major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and even fiat currencies in the future.

A Hybrid Platform Designed For Crypto Affluents


Luxreum Mobile App APPS

Simplify your life with the Luxreum app, Whether you have an IOS or Android device, Luxreum has an app for you. If you have a Windows phone or any other tablet or device with Internet access, just visit Luxreum from your browser and enjoy our marketplace today. It’s that easy, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can shop our global hybrid marketplace.

The Luxreum Mobile App, Shop thousands of products or services on the go!

  • Vehicle Sales & Service
  • PowerSport Sales
  • Recreational Products
  • Home & Business Services
  • Marketplace Products
  • Marine Sales & Charter
  • Luxreum Concierge
  • Travel Vacation Packages

Token Sale TOKEN

Luxreum’s LXR token will be released on the basis of Ethereums platform ensuring the compatibility of the token with third-party services such as wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.










ERC20 Utility Token

Number of Tokens For Sale


Token rate

1 LXR = 0.10 USD



Accepted Crypto Currencies


Minimum transaction amount

Minimum purchase – 50.00 USD by one of the following crypto currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, NEO


unsold tokens will be burned

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
  • Private-Sale 40% Bonus 08-22-2018 -09-22-2018
  • Pre-Sale Round-1 30% Bonus 09-23-2018 -09-30-2018
  • Pre-Sale Round-2 20% Bonus 10-01-2018 -10-08-2018
  • Pre-Sale Round-3 10% Bonus 10-09-2018 -10-16-2018
  • Main Token Sale 10-17-2018 - 10-24-2018


  • Crowdsale 30%
  • Community Reserve 30%
  • Company Treasury 20%
  • Team & Advisors 15%
  • Bounty & Marketing 5%


  • Development 32%
  • Marketing 29%
  • Operations 20%
  • Overhead 7%
  • Legal 12%



Idea discovery


Company Formation Business Planning Core Team Assembly


Research & Development Merchant Surveys Focus Groups


Whitepaper V1.0, Legal Study, Product & Marketing


Seed Capital Round, TGE Website Testing
, Marketing, MVP Development, Exchange Exploration


White Paper V1.3, TGE Site Live, Private Sale, App & MVP Testing, Pre-Sale, SEC Filing


Main-Sale, USA Office, Payment System, Beta Testing, 
 Merchant Processing


Beta Testing, Early Merchants, Dealership Integrations, Additional Exchanges


Customer Service Center, Marketplace Grand Opening, Multi-Currency Wallet Release, Powersport Dealer Integration, Product Merchant Processing, Global Payment System Online


European Office, Currency Exchange/Interchanger, POS Hardware Release, Goal of 250 Merchants


Partner Network API, Escrow Module, Home Contracting Services, Roadmap Updates!


We are a team of entrepreneurs, coders & developers, finance experts, professionals and thought leaders with a collective background in branding, distribution, lending, licensing, logistics, and marketing throughout the auction, automotive, aviation, construction, luxury, marine, travel and tourism industries.

Kenn White
Executive Team
Kenn White
Executive Team

With over 30 years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of the luxury/premium markets, Kenn will guide Luxreum among the many opportunities that lie ahead for the company.

(601) 977-6274
Frank Clinton
Executive Team

Frank Clinton recognized among the top Automotive Dealership General Managers across the USA, will be the Managing Director overseeing all aspects of Luxreum's International Automotive Group division. Bringing over 30 years of global automotive industry experience to Luxreum's upper level management team.


Sean Marsh
Executive Team
Sean Marsh
Executive Team

Sean brings years of experience with your most recognized travel brands and will help oversee Luxreum's ongoing operations and procedures.





Dr. David Meszaros
Chief Legal Officer
Dr. David Meszaros
Chief Legal Officer

International lawyer dually trained legal professional and a doctor of law. David has knowledge of many legal systems all over the globe, including but not limited to the EU, US and UK.

Dustin Marsh
Business Development

Corporate finance and economics professional, specializing in Fintech. Previously, Dustin had a senior auditor/advisor role at Chase, led retail and banking sector engagements. He has an BA from the University of Arizona and a MBA from INCAE/Harvard Business School.

Dustin is Fluent in 3 languages including, Spanish, Mandarin and his native English.


Prakash Pandey
Business Strategist

Prakash Pandey is a blockchain veteran having an in-depth understanding of the technology. His work has been featured at all the major publishing platforms including Marketwatch, Nasdaq, CNBC, USAToday, and similar venues. He holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Computer Science and has an extensive experience in the blockchain industry.


Lucy Peng
Global Marketing Consultant

Lucy has been involved in all aspects of brand client marketing while also performing in television commercials representing some of the most prestigious global brands. She has worked extensively throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the USA.

Lucy is fluent in 5 languages including Mandarin, French, Spanish, Italian and English.


(815) 824-6304
Dillon Marcus
Blockchain Software Engineer

Dillon is a Software Engineer skilled with Desktop UI development. Specialized in WPF, C#, .Net technologies he is now exploring decentralized applications. Dillon brings with him experience from companies such as Hewlett Packard and Cisco.


Jay Austin
Blockchain Developer

Jay is a Blockchain developer with experience in Solidity, Web3, Truffle, Geth, and React along with designing and integrating decentralized architectures and services.


Vishal Savaliya
Blockchain Developer

Blockchain & Technology specialist with 10 years of experience in full stack development, IT solutions and blockchain development.


Erika Faye
Senior Web Developer
Erika Faye
Senior Web Developer

Erika is a web developer with more than 15 years of experience. Erika has worked in a diverse range of web projects including gaming, auctions, retail and infrastructure.


Kate Limashevskaya
UX designer/UI engineer

Kate specializes in brand design, promotion and derivative design of Luxreum to enhance the corporate and brand image.


Christy Usi
Christy Usi

Certified medical tourism multilingual professional Christine will oversee the launch of our medical tourism offering. This will open up global opportunities for both organizations and crypto affluent clients.


Rowe Cosentino
Luxury Brand Specialist

Rowe comes from an extensive background going back over 30 years in interior designing and consultancy. She has worked with some of the largest hotel chains, custom home designers & builders, resort developers, yacht & RV manufacturers. Joining the team has been a natural fit bringing much excitement to the company. Rowe will have a hand, helping direct the Luxreum company moving forward in multiple verticals including home/business services, and RV & Yacht services. She brings with her many industry contacts to help Luxreum keep up the pace moving forward.

Adam Yared
Managing Director

Adam is the Managing Director at Boatingo.com and is an AMSA Master 5 qualified skipper that has over 10,000 miles of commercial sea time and experience . Adam has also chartered vessels and sailed to the Maldives, Indonesia, Samoa, Hawaii and has spent over 10 years of his life in Fiji in commercial charter operations. This experience coupled with an intimate knowledge of Sydney and the East Coast of Australia give the charter customer a comprehensive understanding of locations and planning making your next event or charter a great experience.

Keith Chan
Strategic Advisor

Keith Chan, Strategic Business Thinker, Ex AGM of Grey Global Group Hong Kong, 20+ Years FMCG, Banking, Real Estate Exp, Strategic & Cross Discipline Thinker.


Gary Knight
Gary Knight

Gary Knight is the owner of Knight International which specializes in super car sales based out of the UK and Dubai.


Antonio Rossi
Antonio Rossi

Yachting Professional, Business Strategist & Philanthropist with more than 40 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry.  Antonio will advise Luxreum and help establish partnerships with some of the world's largest luxury yacht manufactures.




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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Luxreum's unique hybrid marketplace offers a secure, transparent and easy-to-use platform that is completely disrupting the way crypto affluents interact within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

YES!, Luxreum will have physical locations strategically located throughout the globe allowing crypto affluents to facilitate purchases in person. Luxreum will have locations in the following areas: USA, Europe, Australia & UAE. Please see our roadmap for additional information.

TGE contributors can use the following crypto currencies to purchase LXR Tokens: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH & NEO

Please Register for our token sale by clicking either the Sign up, Register or Buy Token Now buttons located throughout the luxreum site.

LXR Tokens are an ERC20 based token issued on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Upon successful verification of your token purchase LXR tokens will be credited to your user dashboard.

Upon completion of our token sale all participants will be required to submit a token withdraw request from the user dashboard located under the withdraw tab where you will input your ETH address and the amount of tokens you wish to withdrawl. Remember, LXR Tokens are ERC20 tokens, therefor in order for contributors to receive their tokens YOU must have an ERC20 compatible wallet!

The LXR token will be listed on multiple exchanges upon completion of the token sale.

Initially, we will release 300 000 000 tokens upon conclusion of the token sale with the remainder of our reserved ecosystem tokens to be released as needed to be determined by the growth of our marketplace platform.

No, never send funds from your exchange wallet otherwise you will loose your tokens. Always send funds from your personal wallet

The price of 1 LXR token throughout the token sale will be: Pre-Sale 0.10 USD Plus 30% BONUS TOKENS Round 1 – 0.10 USD Plus 20% BONUS TOKENS Round 2 – 0.10 USD Plus 10% BONUS TOKENS Main Token Sale – 0.10 USD

Token sale ends on 10-22-2018

Contract address: 0x1666299bd141f6985985869c3a0a35c432bf8914 Name: Luxreum Symbols: LXR Decimals: 18

Maximum token supply is 1 billion tokens.

30% of the tokens or 300,000,000 tokens

All unsold tokens will be burned upon completion of the token sale.

YES!, you can check it out here:

YES! Your 5% referral bonus link can be found in the user dashboard located under the Refer & Earn tab.

LXR Tokens will be credited immediately to your user dashboard after payment is received.

The HARD CAP for Luxreum's token sale is 30,000,000 with a SOFT CAP of 2,000,000.

Yes, “Know Your Customer” requirements will be applicable.

Yes, The token sale is open to US Investors based the following requirements set forth by the latest SEC regs: Annual Income Net Worth Calculation 12-month Limit $30,000 $105,000 greater of $2,200 or 5% of $30,000 ($1,500) $2,200 $150,000 $80,000 greater of $2,200 or 5% of $80,000 ($4,000) $4,000 $150,000 $107,000 10% of $107,000 ($10,700) $10,700 $200,000 $900,000 10% of $200,000 ($20,000) $20,000 $1.2 million $2 million 10% of $1.2 million ($120,000), subject to cap $107,000

China, North Korea & Singapore due to local regulations.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • emailinfo@luxreum.io
  • teleJoin us on Telegram @Luxreum

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